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Home Generators Near Franklin, MI

Home Generators in Franklin, Michigan

If you don’t have a home generator in Franklin, then it can be tough to keep your home safe during a storm or flood. Your home is vulnerable to losing power, which means you could lose A/C, your sump pump, your lights, and more for an undetermined amount of time. But with a home generator in Franklin from Lakepointe Electric, you won’t ever have to worry about losing power again. We have a wide range of home generators so you can find the model that works best for you.

Generator For House in Franklin, Michigan

Having a generator for house in Franklin gives a homeowner great peace of mind. You know that as soon as your home loses power during a storm, the generator for house in Franklin has you covered. It will turn itself on once it detects that power has been shut off, keeping your lights on and your home comfortable. Don’t waste any more money in spoiled food after the refrigerator loses power or put yourself in jeopardy if you rely on an electrical medical device. Our generators for house in Franklin will keep you safe and comfortable.

Whole House Generator in Franklin, Michigan

Having a small generator is nice, but not all small generators give you the amount of power you want. At Lakepointe Electric, we sell, install, and repair whole house generators in Franklin. With a whole house generator in Franklin installed, you can keep your every day routine like nothing happened, even if your neighborhood loses power. Don’t let a storm or a flood knock out your power, get a whole house generator in Franklin so you don’t have to worry about it!

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